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BIC brand was born in Angola, with the opening of Banco BIC S.A. in May 2005 and although it may be defined as a young bank, it is considered a reference bank in the Angolan banking sector. Banco BIC, S.A. is the largest private bank in Angola in terms of business units’ coverage, with more than 220 branches across the country, and is the 5th largest bank in the country by way of total assets.

In 2008, BIC expanded its brand to Europe, with the establishment of Banco BIC Português, S.A. in Portugal. As of today, Banco BIC Português, S.A. is a medium size commercial bank in Portugal with the most expressive relative growth of business volume (2015: 17%; 2014: 16%). Banco BIC Português, S.A., acquired ex Banco Português de Negócios greatly expanding its commercial network that has now more than 200 branches.

BIC brand positions itself as a commercial bank which is customer focused. The Bank specializes in International Trade Related business.

BIC is increasingly becoming an international brand. Not only with the presence in Portugal, but also in Cape Verde, South Africa (Representation Office) and now in Namibia.

Due to the high number of commercial trades, investments and business relationships between Namibia and Angola, Banco BIC considers that the presence of an Angolan Bank in Namibia, with a strong European presence, will bring important synergies to Namibian investors.

Bank BIC Namibia Limited was established in July 2015 and started its bank activity on May 2016, with a special focus on commercial banking and support to Namibian, Angolan and European investors

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