Asset Finance

How do I apply?
  • Original Identity document or Valid passport supported by proof of income (latest payslip)
What does it offer me?
  • It enables you to bid for contracts that call for guarantees and to buy a fixed property where a guarantee is usually a prerequisite.
  • You may avoid paying in advance or lodging cash cover to secure a purchase or contract if cash cover is lodged with the bank under a pledge, you will be paid interest on the investment.
  • Guarantees may continue for a specified period. Wherever possible a definite or determined expiry date or a clause, specifying a period of notice or withdrawal, is included in the guarantee.
  • The party in whose favor the guarantee is issued is entitled to specify the wording of the document and must be acceptable to the bank. At your request, we will draft the wording of the document.


Commemorative N$30 BankNotes

15 of May 2020

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02 of April 2020

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27 of March 2020

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